No/Low Code Trends
3 min read

Pro-code, low-code or citizen development. Which methods and platforms are best suited to digitisation needs?

🏸 PRO-CODE is currently best suited for developing specific applications that cannot be realised using other approaches. Machine controls, operating systems, hardware controls and other complex requirements are usually implemented using PRO-CODE. However, qualified software developers are required.

🎯 Development expertise is required.

Digitisation of business processes is likely to be based on pro-code, low-code or citizen development.

🏸 LOW-CODE is currently the most widely used method to realise digital requirements quickly and cost-effectively. Based on the combination of reusable application templates and the ability to add pro-code extensions, almost any use case can be digitised by experts. However, Low Code is mainly used by experts or software developers to realise software development projects.

🎯 Expert knowledge is required in addition to specialist knowledge

🏸 CITIZEN DEVELOPMENT can usually be used without particular expertise, as it does not require database knowledge, experience with APIs or other configuration knowledge. A good citizen development platform enables business users to digitise their business processes with an easy-to-use toolset.

🎯 Business departments can digitise business requirements themselves.

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