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Piles&Cards: The innovative digitalisation platform for medium-sized businesses

Digitisation hasgained enormously in importance in recent years and is now indispensable forcompanies of all sizes. Medium-sized companies in particular are often facedwith major challenges. However, a suitable digitisation platform can help tooptimise processes and increase productivity. Piles&Cards is an innovativedigitisation platform that has been developed specifically for SMEs.


Digitisation for SMEs

Digitisation can bringmany benefits to mid-sized businesses, including increased efficiency, time andcost savings. However, many companies face the challenge of finding the rightsolution for their individual needs. Piles&Cards offers an ideal solution. Why?

1. Easy to use:Piles&Cards is designed to be used by people without in-depth programmingknowledge. This makes building applications faster and easier.

2. Time saving: Byusing Piles&Cards, development times can be significantly reduced, asdevelopers can rely on ready-made building blocks and templates.

3. Cost savings:Because Piles&Cards requires less development time, there are fewerdevelopment costs. In addition, fewer specialists need to be hired for thesetasks.

4. Flexibility:Piles&Cards offers a high degree of flexibility when creating applications.By using ready-made building blocks, applications can be quickly adapted toindividual requirements.

5. Scalability:Piles&Cards offers a high degree of scalability, as applications can bequickly and easily adapted to growing requirements.

6. Agility:Piles&cards enables organisations to respond quickly to changing businessneeds and implement new business ideas.

7. Less susceptibilityto errors: The use of pre-built modules and templates reduces sources of errorand improves the quality of applications.


Digitise Excel as aweb application in the cloud

Excel is still anindispensable tool for many companies. However, it can quickly become confusingwhen many people are accessing the same data. Piles&Cards makes it possibleto use Excel files as a web application in the cloud. Data is stored centrallyand can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.


We developed Piles&Cards with the goal of empowering small and medium-sized businesses to easily digitize their processes without requiring technical expertise. - Florian Schindler, Digital Transformation Enthusiast @ SPOO

Mid-market benefitsand low-code

Piles&Cards is alow-code platform that enables employees without programming skills to createapplications. This not only saves time and money, but also enables rapidadaptation to new requirements. In addition, the platform offers a wide rangeof ready-made applications that can be quickly and easily adapted to the needsof the business.


The bottom line

Piles&Cards is theideal digitisation platform for medium-sized companies. It allows companies touse Excel files as a web application in the cloud and offers numerousadvantages through the use of low-code. The platform is easy to use,customisable and provides an efficient way to streamline processes and increaseproductivity. Try Piles&Cards and experience the benefits of an innovativedigitisation platform!

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