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How companies save time and money with citizen development

Citizen Development?

As digital transformation continues, organisations face the challenge of automating their business processes quickly and efficiently to remain competitive in the marketplace. One solution is Citizen Development, which enables employees to develop their own (web) applications and strategies quickly and without special technical knowledge.

Low code and no code

Citizen development is often associated with low-code and no-code environments. These platforms provide visual programming environments that enable anyone to develop applications without in-depth programming skills.

With Citizen Development, anyone can tap into the potential of technology for their business without the need for deep technical knowledge. - Gartner

Benefits for SMEs

Citizen development has particular benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises. As most SMBs do not have their own IT department, it isn't easy to implement complex technical projects. With Citizen Development, however, employees need more technical skills to develop simple applications, saving time and money.

1. Business Process Automation
Citizen development enables organisations to automate existing processes, saving time and resources.

2. Low-code/no-code platforms
These platforms enable any employee to develop applications quickly and easily without deep technical knowledge.

3. Self-development of applications
Citizen development enables organisations to develop their own applications, tailored to their specific needs, without relying on external IT experts.

4. Cost savings
Businesses can save time and money by automating processes, using low-code/no-code platforms and developing their own applications.

5. Increased productivity
Citizen development allows employees to easily and quickly automate their workflows, increasing productivity.

Data Management

In addition to automating business processes, efficient data management is essential to a company's success. With Citizen Development, companies can easily and securely manage their data by developing applications tailored to their specific needs.

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Citizen Development is an excellent solution for companies that want to automate their business processes and optimise their data management. Using low-code and no-code platforms allows employees to quickly and easily develop their own applications, saving time and money.

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