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Optibus Enhances VDV Data Integration in Partnership with SPOO

Optibus and SPOO are partnering to improve data processing and data-related experiences for public transportation operators and agencies in the DACH region.

The partnership centers around seamless data integration, specifically VDV, the basis for public transportation data modeling in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Working on a planning and scheduling system that integrates with VDV is key to a seamless data experience, more efficient workflows, and better communication between public transportation agencies and operators.

With the support of SPOO , Optibus has added additional VDV formats to its data integration capabilities. The enhancement enables Optibus users to continue centralizing all data and work on the Optibus software platform, creating an end-to-end experience for all operational tasks. Optibus’ seamless experience means you can even export your data and use it outside the software platform.

“Access to proper data and data processing systems are must-haves for efficient work flows and efficient services,” said Amos Haggiag, Optibus CEO and co-founder. “We look forward to working with SPOO to support public transportation providers in the DACH region and to advance our vision of an end-to-end software solution that supports all data standards.”

“Optibus’ approach to data integration is innovative and fresh,” said Heinz Bölling, co-founder and CEO at SPOO. “Optibus’ cloud-native software and AI gives the platform unique technological capabilities that are absent from other platforms that support VDV. Optibus stands out in terms of ease of use and user centricity.”

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