No/Low Code Trends
3 min read

Low-code/no-code is usually more suitable than standard software because...

Standardised software is developed for use in different business areas.

There are also often industry solutions that are specifically tailored to a particular industry. However, if we assume that standard software should work everywhere, it is clear that there are many functionalities and data models.

The questions to ask are:

  • Is all the functionality essential?
  • Is the standard software overloaded for my requirements?
  • Is the price of the standard software justified for my needs?
  • What is the scope of the software implementation and who can support me in this phase?
  • Is it necessary to train staff on the standardised functions?

With low-code/no-code it is possible to implement digitisation projects quickly and cost-effectively..


     📢 Standard software is sometimes oversized for SMEs.

     📢 It's easy to develop process requirements very well and cheaply via #low-code #no-code

     📢No unnecessary overhead of functions and data models

     📢Suitable application for your requirements

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