No/Low Code Trends
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How quickly can you implement a software idea, and what do you need?

Faster than you think

For example, if a specialist department wants to digitise a requirement that cannot be met by existing in-house software products, the only option is to contact the IT department.

With citizen development platforms, it is becoming increasingly easier for such requirements to be digitised directly by the specialist department. However, departments often need to gain experience in UX, design and databases.

From the idea to a minimum viable product (MVP).

The department needs a simple graphical user interface (GUI), preferably in the cloud, to create standardised masks, lists, dashboard gadgets and many other components.

Are you a non-technical user? No Problem.

But how do I approach the project when I need to clarify what data types are required and what links I need to use between primary and secondary data?

A good community development platform allows for the development of prototypes that can be versioned and reused.

This allows users to create and test elements in real time. They can also make corrections and improvements quickly, even if they could be easier to use.

In this way, an agile development process is possible, and specialist departments can quickly achieve the desired result through prototyping without programming or database knowledge.

As a secure and scalable citizen development platform, Piles&Cards supports the prototyping approach in a self-explanatory way for all users directly from the cloud.

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