Turn your data into web apps- tailored for any use case!

Stop wasting time with tools like Excel, Word or siloed data. With Piles&Cards, EVERYONE can quickly and efficiently configure their ideas or existing use cases to work better, faster and happier.
turn your data into web apps with Piles&Cards for any use case

Create apps for any case
with zero coding.

Transforming your idea and spreadsheet data into powerful web apps is remarkably easy. Save time with our pre-built templates and quickly customise them to suit your needs.

Digital Production Success Story Piles&Cards

Digital Production

Production orders - digital and in real-time for everyone involved in the process - ensure greater transparency and satisfaction for employees and customers.
“After a short time, we were able to digitise the existing work processes, minimising the internal workload and providing full transparency to everyone involved in the process.”
Marco Ketterer- Chief Executive Officer
Logistics Success Story Piles&Cards

All Information at a glance.

A central platform for digital logistics processes with real-time data provides greater transparency and satisfaction for employees and customers.
“In connection with the interfaces to manufacturers and end customers, we not only have the opportunity to serve our customers digitally in the appropriate form, but have also automated many internal processes and centralised them with Piles&Cards.”
Josua Lermem - Account Manager
Faciliy Services Success Story Piles&Cards

Mobile First

Central self-service portal for craftsman.

The service process for operational and fault notifications and repair orders across more than 10 sites and 50 buildings is now digitally controlled.
“With Piles&Cards, we digitize company-wide requirements without any software know-how.”
Arne Schnack - IT Manager
Mobility Success Story Piles&Cards

No missed Connections

Transit company digitises route planning and optimises transfer waiting times.
“With Piles&Cards, we were able to optimise the entire route network in a very short time using real-time simulation, thus laying the foundation for customer-oriented future planning. Excel was yesterday's solution.”
Jan-Niklas Huerkamp - IT Manager
Bank & Insurance Success Story Piles&Cards

Self-Service Portal

A centralised IT asset management platform for all employees via a self-service portal for continuous inventory control across 100+ sites.
“It's incredible how quickly we were able to digitally map existing manual processes. In particular, the use of an everyday master data base for our applications and the clear presentation enable us to provide our users with new digital helpers time and again.”
Christian Schletter - IT Infrastructure Manager
From Excel to Web App Success Story Piles&Cards

From Excel to Web

Digitise your Excel spreadsheets step-by-step and reap the rewards of early adoption of cloud applications.
“Piles&Cards is an ideal digital platform that helps companies of all sizes to map their digital use cases quickly, inexpensively and easily - without any software know-how and directly in the cloud.”
Pauline Bahn - Automation Specialist

Piles&Cards is digital freedom,
spimple, fast and fun.

Anything can be represented
as a card

Any card can have dynamic characteristics, actions, references and more.

A card can be a computer, a person, a car, a ticket, document or anything else
Get notified about comments and  status updates
All changes are stored as historical data.

Piles are for smart grouping

Use your own smart filters for context-aware card groupings. Piles can dynamically select any subset of cards and can be visualized as list, grid, kanban or table.

“With Piles&Cards, we digitize company-wide requirements without any software know-how.”
Arne Schnack -  IT-Manager Diakonie Kropp

Context-aware Insights into
your data

Create custom forms, reports and KPIs to manage and vusialize relevant data.

Forms are dynamic ways to display individual cards and their information
A detailed, dynamic reporting can be configured. Including exports and mass changes
An always-visible global search bar helps you navigate o the piles and cards you need

Piles&Cards is simple, fast and fun

Connect with your team and customer
Collaborate on tasks in multiple ways--by commenting, co-working, chatting and jumping on quick huddles.
Build  high-scalable apps
Use different pre-built templates, and make apps without starting from scratch.
Organize and share
Set up Kanban boards, manage permissions, vote on ToDos and time-box work with Piles&Cards.

Hear what people around the world saying about Piles&Cards.

"I want my team to spend time thinking about high-level problems rather than mindlessly repeating busy work. Piles&Cards helps them do that."
Jan-Niklas Huerkamp / IT-Manager BOGESTRA AG
"Piles&Cards is an ideal digital platform that helps companies of all sizes to quickly, inexpensively and easily map their digital use cases without software know-how and directly in the cloud."
Pauline Bahn /  IBM Automation Sales – Technology DACH
"With Piles&Cards, we digitise company-wide requirements without any software know-how. This way, at the touch of a button, we are constantly creating new digital experiences for our users across all devices."
Arne Schnack / IT-Manager  Diakoniewerk Kropp
Piles&Cards has garnered more than 5k+ users.
More than 50+ reusable app templates are provided in Piles&Cards.
Endless possibilities to optimize your business processes.

Piles&Cards integrates with all your favourite tools.

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